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"What to Wear"

A common question I get asked is "what should we wear?!"

When it comes to photoshoots, your images will be on the wall for a long time.

A long, long time.


Longer than the smart phone or tablet that you're reading this on.

Longer than the next fashion trend.

So you want to look your best, whilst ensuring your images won't date?

Here are a few tricks: 1. Keep it simple.

Use a neutral palette: greys, creams, browns. This is your base colour which everyone will wear.

Add a spot of colour if you fancy it:

Greys + yellows, creams + purples, browns + greens.

2. Avoid large logos or patterns on everyone.

They tend to be distracting in the overall image if everyone wears a different pattern.

3. Bare feet.

Shoes come in and out of fashion, in turn will date your images. Keep it clean and take them off, result!

Here is an example of a family of 4: all 4 outfits cost roughly €19 per person. Savvy!


White blouse, jeans + jewellery.

Son: Jeans, white, grey hoodie.

Daughter: Grey skirt / grey dress, white top.


White shirt with grey jumper + jeans

By adding the grey tone it breaks up the overall look and adds a relaxed feel to the images.

I hope this helps, feel free to share or add a comment!

Katie x

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