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What to expect from an "older newborn" session

2020 saw a shock to the world, as covid-19 took over. Everything was put on hold, to try and keep as many people as healthy as possible. With that, we closed our doors to do our part.

Many expectant parents were due their newborn photoshoot with us at Posie Photography, and we would usually aim to complete their photoshoot before the baby was 3 weeks old.

All that changed in 2020 when we were only operating for 6 months of the year.

2020 taught us resilience and changed our perspective on many things, one of them being the style of images we offer. We wanted to preserve our style of colour, comfort and cuteness whilst still being able to photograph babies that were slightly older than the ‘newborn’ stage yet younger than being able to sit unaided.

Older baby photo shoots were a big hit! It was perfect for babies aged 3 to 5 months old. The baby was showing signs of their personality at this stage, they were lifting their head and giving us gorgeous gummy grins!

Our style stayed the same! So we used the exact same backgrounds that we would a newborn session, the same fluffy flokati, and even swaddled a few babies which they loved!

A typical photoshoot for an older baby might take 1 hour, but that would include your family images, sibling images, and baby alone in various backgrounds.

Your baby’s comfort is key in any of our sessions, so ideally we like to capture this session in the morning at 10am. You start to get to know your baby's routine at this stage, so if you can factor in their usual morning nap and feed we can work around a time that works for you best.

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