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What to wear...

You’ve committed! You’re all booked in, you’re so excited to finally get a family portrait and then… what do I wear?!?!!?!?

Breathe, relax, and let Auntie Katie guide you through.

Step one:

Confidence is key.

By wearing something you feel comfortable and confident in, it’ll shine through in your images. If you’re tugging away at jeans that keep slipping, or pulling down the top that keeps riding up, you’ll be lost in an uncomfortable state.

Step two:

Neutral + plain = match made in heaven.

If everyone wore a light coloured plain top, you’ll all look uniform whilst keeping your identities alive. If Dad loves his shirt and jumper combo, as him for that jumper to be plain grey and for him to wear his best jeans. Pop a grey T-shirt on your little boy and a grey dress or outfit on your little girl. For you, your favourite top teamed with a jacket (either grey or white) or a jumper you love. By sticking to a similar colour palette (for example, greys and whites) you’ll all tie in together perfectly.

Step three:

Avoid busy patterns, logos or text of any kind. As you’re looking at your images, you don't want to be figuring out what that funny t-shirt says as half of it is missing! What you do want to do is focus on everyone together - their smile and happiness beams through and isn’t distracted by what you’re wearing.

Little tips:

  1. Trim and scrub nails (yes Dad, that means you)

  2. Remove any chipped nail polish or better still get a manicure!

  3. Soft makeup is best, in photoshop our editors will be doing slight enhancements.

  4. Iron out the creases. It’s a 2 minute job and makes your image more polished.

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