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What To Bring For Your Newborn Photography Session

There are so many things to pack for a baby!

Where do we start!! Main bits: Bottles (if bottle fed)

Medication (if any)

Nappies (wet wipes + creams)

Burping cloths

Dummy / soother

2x spare outfits for baby (just incase!)

A warm blanket

Optional for images:

A special knitted blanket

Wedding veil

Special jewellery

But, what about outfits for the photographs?

'newborn' outfits are always big for baby, so they're comfortable, but they're not great in photographs.

Here at Posie Photograph we have a wide range of purpose hand-made newborn outfits, to show off their true form. Along with cute bonnets, hats, tie-backs and more, we don't need anything else from yourself to dress baby.

If you have any ideas simply give us a call and we can help you!

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