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I’m delighted to share with you that Posie Photography has a new addition to its name… LTD! Posie Photography LTD! What does this mean?! It means that my vision to create a contemporary photography studio dedicated for young families is becoming more real.

My skill set as a baby portrait photographer started in 2009 over in the UK. I trained under Pixi Foto, and fell in love with creating and capturing smiles of tots, toddlers and beyond! I loved decorating the sets, interacting with the babies and seeing the pure joy on their parents faces when I showed their images.

When I moved to Australia in 2012, I was recruited by Australia’s largest child portrait photography studios, Imagine That LTD, which was a mobile photography studio dedicated to child portrait photography. It was here that I was taught under many amazing photographers the mechanics behind each shoot, what I should be looking for with my equipment, and really solidifying my knowledge on studio work. I became more confident in equipment and teaching, before I was promoted to a Studio Manager. It was a dream job, travelling across Australia, meeting new people, and committing to learning more about photography.

Most importantly, I learned how to work with different children’s personalities, their quirks, what makes them laugh and how to make them comfortable. I learned when to be calm and calm a child down that might be nervous, and on the opposite end I learned how to react when a child was a bit too hyper to sit for the photo! I believe that each child is unique and should be respected and treated like the individuals they are. It brings a whole level of experience to the joy of being a dedicated child photographer.

From being on the front line of these two large corporations, I was able to work on a recipe of creating my own photography brand, bringing together all of my knowledge and experience to the table. I knew when I moved to Ireland in 2015 that I wanted my own studio, but I also had a dream to make it bigger than just a one man show, which is why I called it “Posie Photography” and not “Katie Moran Photography”. I knew I would be hiring a team and personally training them to the best of my abilities to create a perfect photography studio for young families, injecting all of my education, experience and passion into providing the best possible service and experience for my clients.

As of 2020, I have created 4 jobs - each tailored to bring strength to the business.

In 2021, due to Covid-19, my plans have taken a small pause, but that’s not stopping me. I have been working behind the scenes to be bigger and better and create a further 4 full time positions in my team and to take the first steps in creating a bigger brand.

5th March 2021 - Posie Photography Limited was officially registered. I cannot wait to share the newest part of the brand with you!

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