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Popular Wall Art - Heritage Frame

At Posie Photography, we love creating special pieces of artwork for you to cherish years from now. You’ve booked your photoshoot, picked out gorgeous outfits, had some really amazing images… all for them to either be stuck on your phone or worse lost in the digital world!

Our gallery wall is home to many products we love. One of our the all time favourites is the Heritage frame

It’s a real show stopper.

It features a main image, usually a family image, and 3 smaller square images, either of siblings or baby alone. It showcases a massive milestone in your family's life and usually hangs proudly in living areas for all to enjoy.

The beauty of this product is that you can personalise it to suit your style - want it black and white? Sure! What to change the frame? Go ahead, we have several options for you! We have colour pop frames: pinks, purples, blues, greens and also a more traditional white, grey & black alternative. The images themselves are double mounted, so you wont get the image wrinkling like many do after time in a shop bought frame. My main favourite is the fact that the glass finish isn’t actually glass… it’s a special UV coated acrylic so when the sun shines it won’t cause reflections and most importantly if it was to drop - it wont smash. Perfect for households with little feet running around and accidents that may occur!

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