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How To Prepare For Your Photoshoot

Newborn sessions are best taken when baby is up to 3 weeks old. The 'sweet spot' is between 5 - 15 days.

Why so soon?

As the days goes by, Baby will realise that they can stretch without restriction. They will be more alert and stretch out, making it difficult to pose baby in to those cute womb like poses.

How can I prepare my baby so they're sleepy for the photoshoot?

Stick to your regular routine! If that's no routine, that's ok too!

I would suggest to feed baby upon arrival to the studio, so please don't arrive early and feed outside in a cold car, you'll be able to do that in the comfort of our studio.

My baby is breast-fed, any tips?

If you can, try to avoid these certain food groups & drinks for 24hours before your photoshoot.


Citrus fruits

Spicy foods

Cows milk

This is purely a suggestion, however any little helps for a more settled baby!

Do I need to bring anything?

The usual nappy bag with all your essentials

(please bring extra nappies!)

A warm blanket for baby in-between poses

Snacks for yourselves - the session might last 2-3 hours so it's always best to be prepared!

If you want to bring something to feature in your images, please send us a photo of it 2-3days prior to your photoshoot so we can prepare.


wedding veil

special jewelry

knitted blanket

What should we wear?

Firstly: baby will have lots of little outfits, wraps and accessories, so no need to bring anything in particular for them.

For everyone else:

Keep it neutral, plain and simple! Please avoid logos / any writing on outfits.

Avoid busy patterns.

Pick a simple colour palette and stick to it throughout the family:

simple block colours work really well together and ensure your images stay timeless!

A few tips from the photographer, Katie:

Please arrive with an open mind; I will try several comfortable poses with baby, however if baby isn't comfortable we won't push them. I have several years with hundreds of newborns, so you are in safe hands with me.

I will start with family images (if requested) then move on to siblings, if any, then baby alone.

My best bit of advice if you're bringing a sibling that might not want to participate is:

please leave the magic down to me, unless asked otherwise.

If a child is pushed too much, they will automatically repel and refuse to go in to the studio area.

I like to build up a rapport with my little clients and earn their trust before asking them in to the space.

Little notes:

Don't forget to take off any chipped nail polish and give the nails a little trim if needed (yes men, I'm talking to you too!)

Feel free to bring down the makeup bag for a little touch up if needed

Feel free to ask anything at any point during your time with us.

Looking forward to our session!

Katie x

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