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Cake Smash Sessions... what to expect!

How time flies! Your brand new baby is reaching their 1st birthday. How can that be possible?! What better way to celebrate then having one of the most fun and memorable photoshoots we can offer.

A cake smash photoshoot starts with some fun family images first to settle in your birthday baby. We cover images of your baby alone and different combinations of family poses!

I would highly recommend wearing cream coloured jumpers / tops and jeans. White can be nice, but also very strong against the skin, so cream is a lovely alternative. Anything neutral without busy patterns or wording is best.

The family photos take a max of 5-10 minutes, as it’s fast paced we don’t want to tire out your baby!

We then get the baby dressed in the outfit they’ll ‘smash the cake’ in. We offer a wide selection of outfits that we’ll preselect depending on the colour scheme you go for. Or if you prefer, bring jeans for your baby boy or a little nappy skirt for your girl.

We will get some images of the baby alone before bringing out the cake! To entice your baby to stick their hands in we might ask you to bring small crunchy snacks that they’re used to - popcorn is great, or soft baby taytos or crisps.

The ‘smashing’ of the cake might last 2 minutes, or 10! It really depends on the baby! They’ll boss this part! Once we’re satisfied with the images, we will ask you to strip your baby down and wrap in a towel. We then produce a gorgeous little bathtub filled with bubbles (if you wish!) and take our few final images here. This is also perfect to wash off any excess cake left between fingers!

Don’t be disheartened if your baby doesn’t want to play with the cake, it happens a lot, we have a lot of techniques and tricks up our sleeve to still capture brilliant images for you to adore.

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