Frequently Asked Questions

I have compiled a few frequency asked questions plus some more information I think you will find interesting!


Do you do Weddings / Communions / Parties?

I am purely a baby's first year & family portrait photographer, so in a nutshell I don't leave the studio! I specialise just in these portraits only, which is why I can put all of my focus in to this style.

I want a newborn session but don't know what date to book

The best thing to do is book in for an available date 2 weeks after your due date. You will receive information after booking as to when and how to book an offical date. I can only take 2 sessions per week so I can ensure the studio is properly santized between sessions, and due to this limitation, I am getting booked very quickly.

Can my older children come to the newborn photoshoot?

Yes! That's if you want them photographing also!! I usually start with family images, then move on to the siblings together, then I like to capture one or two of any older siblings, then my focus is on the baby. This might be boring for any older siblings to wait around fo, so I suggest an adult taking them for a treat or a walk around the local park.

What do I need to bring for my maternity photoshoot?

Please bring; your makeup bag nude & black strapess bra + underwear Any special momentos you want including (if any)

I provide all luxury gowns, which are perfect for showing off your bump in style

What do I need to bring for my newborn session?

Please bring,

  • Nappy bag (all the essentials!)
  • Any feeding accessories you usually have, I find this makes you more comfortable. (pillow, haaka, etc)
  • Spare outfit for baby
  • Soother / dummy. This will only be used in between shots to help pose baby.
  • Anytihng personal to be featured in images (knitted blanket etc)

Do I need to bring anything for my Cake Smash session?

I would highly advise to dress yourself in old clothes, as your little one will be covered in cake and most likely demand cuddles from you at the end! I will provide towels and a bath after the session, so if you have any preferred buddle bath do bring that.

Please make sure baby is fed properly before the session.

What should we wear for our photoshoot?

My personal preference and guidence is; stick to neutral warm colours, such as light cream coloured tops / cream coloured dresses. I have a blog entry on this below, so please scroll down and you can see that for a more visual approach!

How long does the session last?

Your photoshoot will last for up to one hour, for my newborns it might be 1.5 hours Straight after your photoshoot, you view your images taken on our big screen where you can select your package and order any extras ou may wish.

When do we see our images?

You will see oyur images directly after the photoshoot! You get to see them rightaway and select your the images for your package and order any extras.

If you have any younger children that might be bored, I would suggest to being an extra adult so they can take them to get a treat or a walk to our local park.

What is your latest update on COVID-19?

I am now only taking bookings from August 2020 onwards.
If I can take you in earlier or this needs to change, this will be announced.
If we need to alter your session, we will do. We can only play by ear, week by week, and as soon as I can see you I will!

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