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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the Newcastle West studio be closed?
    Friday 31st March
  • I still have prints to collect!
    Please can you email us by 23.03.23 to arrange delivery. We offer free post or registered which is €10 with DPD. After that date all physical prints will be shredded as I won't be able to store them any longer.
  • I have a gift voucher for your studio - what happens with it?
    All gift vouchers for Posie Photography can be used at the studio until Friday 31st March 2023 You can also use your voucher at our pop up studio which travels across Ireland. Due to demand on the pop up studio we are looking for more locations - if you have any ideas do send us an email and we can check it out!
  • I have a "My First Year" package with you - what happens to the rest of my sessions?
    Whilst the studio in Newcastle West is closing, the pop up studio still remains in operation and travels frequently to: Limerick, Athlone, Thurles, Kilkenny & Waterford. Depending on how many sessions you have used, you will receive a gift voucher for the balance to use across our many locations with the pop up studio. €199 - My First Year (price included 4 photo shoots) We will turn this is to €50 vouchers for each remaining sessions. (Maternity €50 value) (Newborn €50 value) (Milestone €50 value) (1st Birthday €50 value) For example, you have used the Maternity & Newborn session, you have 2 photo shoots left which equates to €100 (2x€50) Please kindly email us before 31.03.23 for your voucher.
  • I still have things to sort out about my order - can this be done?
    Yes, please ensure you get in touch with me via email by 23.03.23 to ensure I can assist you. The Newcastle West studio will physically close on 31.03.23.
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